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Our mission is to strengthen our diverse community through innovative human services.

Since 1977, Community Bridges has been a catalyst for a brighter future by opening doors, offering hope and providing a hand up to the people of Santa Cruz County.

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world: redwood forests, a marine sanctuary, and thriving farmlands. But even in paradise, there is struggle.

At Community Bridges, we pride ourselves on providing the resources that lead to positive change in peoples’ lives.

Our family of ten vital programs, across 20 different sites, meets the needs of 22,000 local children, families, and seniors each year. While each program is remarkable on its own, brought together… we are unstoppable.

Every day, we work collaboratively to build the safety net in our community and discover solutions to emerging issues. Our programs empower seniors to live with independence and dignity, increase access to medical care and good nutrition, and provide children better access to education and family support.

With your compassionate investment of money or time, you can join us in this important mission that touches every part of our community.

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Leadership Team


Raymon “Ray” Cancino
Chief Executive Officer
Cathy Benson
Chief Finance Officer
Julie Gilbertson
Chief Human Resources Officer
Seth McGibben
Chief Administrative Officer
Virginia Wright
Director of Development

Leslie Telles
Program Director, Child and Adult Care Food Program
Lisa Hindman Holbert
Program Director, Child Development Division
Cathy Cavanaugh
Program Director, WIC
Program Director, Family Resource Collective
Lois Sones
Program Director, Elderday
Kirk Ance
Program Director, Lift Line
Lisa Berkowitz
Program Director, Meals on Wheels for Santa Cruz County

Which program are you contributing to?
  •   Child Development Division (payment)
    • Fairgrounds CDC
    • Highlands Park CDC
    • Nuevo Dia CDC
    • Redwood Mountain CDC
    • Sycamore Street CDC
    • Vista Verde CDC
  •   Lift Line (Taxi Scrip)
  •   Meals on Wheels (meals contribution)
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